Fast Track Trade

Extend Your Commerce.

We are a fintech company based in Singapore.

We are deeply convinced that international commerce is a force for development. 

We also believe in technology as a strong commerce enabler. 

We want to focus on the needs of Small & Medium Enterprises and facilitate their inclusion into international trade networks. Because SMEs are essential for driving the economic growth in any market.

Beyond frontiers.

Our vision is to offer a trade network where small value transactions can be processed with international standards of safety, connectivity, and visibility to support existing trade corridors and to open new emerging market corridors.

We are using Mutual Distributed Ledger technology to create this secure commerce network whereby any corporates can carry out seamless and safe automated trade transactions.


Any corporates will be able to use our online services to authenticate a 3rd party merchant (buyer or seller), agree on a purchase order, initiate the delivery, get the same visibility on each trade and benefit from automated payments.

With better supply-chain visibility, businesses will request financing online with a better chance of success.

With more secure and encrypted data to analyze, businesses will access better interest rates and policy premiums when seeking specific financing or insurance cover.

Reimagining a fully digital business life for any business.

We were in quest to make completely digital the business life of any company.

We reimagined the way essential services are offered.

So that identification, invoices, payments, financing, logistic, and insurance pop-up right when you need them.

We also wanted small businesses to get easily connected to each other.

So that anyone can be part of a buoyant business commmunity.

We wanted transactions to be secured with a very fast blockchain mechanism to create trust, transparency and traceability.

So that any SME can access financial services in the future.

Our users described us as "the Facebook for SMEs, on blockchain".

And we liked it!

Discover Fast Track Trade for Asean

Our SME users can now connect to simple, affordable services, and special deals built only for them.

Our platform provides digital access to:

  • Accounting and corporate secretarial services
    • Local and international digital payment providers
      • Compliance, legal, and regulatory specialists
        • Marketing and communication experts
          • Last mile delivery and fleet tracking solutions
            • And … a pool of SGD 1.5 Billion trade finance, just for SMEs


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