Our mission

Our experienced team is specialised in corporate financing and technology solutions.

We are deeply convinced that international commerce is a force for development. 

We also believe in technology as a strong commerce enabler. 

We are using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to achieve international standards of visibility and safety for your transactions and documents.

We want to focus on the needs of Small & Medium Enterprises and facilitate their inclusion into international trade networks.

Because SMEs are essential for driving the economic growth in any market.

One out of 2 SME transactions are declined by banks

 Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) exporters have the agility and capacity to source new markets.  

Yet globally, they can expect more than half of their requests for financing of their trade transactions to be rejected by banks.

Main reasons are the lack of financial information on the SME, their short credit and business history, their perceived fragility, and the risks associated with international trade.


SMEs have limited access to bank loans

Even though SMEs play an important role in ASEAN economy, most have limited access to financing.

Less than 60% of SMEs have access to bank loans and c. 50% of the SMEs are underserved by financial institutions.

SMEs face many challenges

• Finding each other – Digital businesses are easily buried – Reliable suppliers or customers are difficult to find   • Affording online payment and ERP systems   • Securing financing   • Protecting key people and business assets  
• Growing revenues digitally   • Accessing tailor-made services
  Fast Track Trade addresses all these challenges.

Technology can bring trust and build secure decentralized trade systems

FTT creates trust by enabling buyers and sellers to prove their identity and exist as a digital business.

All significant events and documents are hashed, timestamped and logged into secure databases (called distributed ledgers).